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Antonio Brown said Todd Haley texted him to come play for his USFL's Tampa Bay Bandits

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

(Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)

It was announced on Thursday that former Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley was named as the USFL's Tamp Bay Bandits head coach. And it appears, that Haley is all-in to win a USFL championship, as Antonio Brown revealed on the "Full Send Podcast" that Haley texted him to come and win a championship on his new team.

As expected, AB wasn't thrilled, and said "Fuck out of here." AB also called Haley a "dickhead" for asking him to play for the Bandits.

"Listen, I'm Antonio Brown, bro," Brown said. "I played football at the highest level. You just asked me for a sorry-ass club to play in the Arena League.”

Brown replied back to Haley with 10 laughing emojis.

Brown got cut by the Buccaneers on Sunday for taking off his uniform and storming off the field in third quarter against the Jets. Brown claimed on Wednesday that he was dealing with an injured ankle and couldn't play, but Arians told him to get out on the field. Brown refused, and Arians ran his finger across his throat and said, "You're done!," according to Brown.

It was reported on Thursday by the New York Post that Brown snuck a model Ava Louise into the team hotel on the night before the Jets game. Coupled with the story by the New York Post and Brown's appearance on the Full Send Podcast, it's really hard to believe Brown's story about his injured ankle being the main cause for his meltdown. AB is just completely out there. I can't see another NFL team taking a chance on him. There's just too much baggage. The guy is a complete manipulator and narcissist. He's also a scam artist. Look at all the cases of where he hasn't paid people.

You can listen to AB's full interview in the link below.

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