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Antonio Brown congratulated Ben Roethlisberger on his legendary career

(Photo by Andy Lyons Getty Images)

It appears that Antonio Brown no longer has an intense dislike for Ben Roethlisberger, as he congratulated his former quarterback for having a legendary career. After 18 seasons as the Steelers' quarterback, Roethlisberger officially announced his retirement on Thursday morning via a video message on Twitter.

"Best tandem in the NFL, Congrats Legend #7," Brown tweeted.

AB also said "congrats on an amazing career family" on Instagram.

AB is still AB, but it's good to see that he no longer holds a grudge toward Roethlisberger. Of Roethlisberger's 418 regular-season touchdown passes, 74 went to Brown. The stretch from 2013-2018 with Ben and AB was truly special to watch. They were one of the best QB-WR duos to ever play the game

Brown's new rival is Bruce Arians, as he's considering suing the Buccaneers after the team released him following an outburst against the Jets in Week 17 where Brown took off his jersey and uniform and stormed off the field.

Brown said he was too injured to play, as he was dealing with an ankle injury, and Arians was forcing him to play.

“In the midst of not being able to play hurt, I was told, ‘Get the hell out of here’ and ‘You’re done,’” Brown said of his interaction with Arians before he left the field.

Along with trying to regain lost wages, Brown and his attorney, Sean Burstyn, are also considering a defamation lawsuit against the Buccaneers for trying to spin it into a mental health issue.

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