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Andy Reid tried to recruit JuJu Smith-Schuster by sending Lombardi pictures to him in the offseason

The Pittsburgh Steelers allowed JuJu Smith-Schuster to test free agency during the 2021 NFL offseason. Several teams were showing interest in JuJu Smith-Schuster, but no team was willing to break the bank for him. The Ravens tried to pry JuJu from Pittsburgh to Baltimore by offering him more money and the Kansas City Chiefs were pulling out all of the stops for JuJu too. Both Andy Reid and John Harbaugh personally called JuJu to try and convince him to sign with their team.

Andy Reid even tried to send Lombardi Trophy pictures to try and pry him from Pittsburgh, but it didn't seem to work. Reid also wanted JuJu to know if he joined the Kansas City Chiefs he would have a good opportunity to win a Super Bowl ring in Kansas City. JuJu did say if he didn't sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers he would have signed with Kansas City. Poor Ravens. It seems no wide receivers want to play in Baltimore. You just hate to see it, don't you? NOT!

JuJu Smith-Schuster on Andy Reid: “Andy Reid was just calling me and he was sending me Lombardi Trophy pictures, like constantly,” Smith-Schuster said on Michael Irvin’s podcast, via 610 Sports Radio. “We had a good talk, so it would have been KC after the Steelers. Like, he texted Lombardi Trophy pictures to me while I was trying to make a decision, and you know I have so much respect for him and his team, so yeah.”

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