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Alex Highsmith has Begun his Offseason Workouts with Beast Behavior

It looks like the next man up in Pittsburgh coming off of the edge with TJ Watt will be Alex Highsmith. Bud Dupree has decided to sign with the Titans in the offseason opening up the door for Highsmith. In 2020 Highsmith played in all 16 games with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he started in 5 after Bud Dupree went down with an ACL injury.

Highsmith knew he belonged in the NFL during the 2020 season: “I know I belong no matter where I am. That was the mindset I had going out there that night, that I do belong." Alex Highsmith said. My first game here, Monday Night Football, once I got out there, I knew that I belonged. That is something I have known, that I belong, but hearing it mattered."

Once Alex Highsmith played in his first game he knew he could play in the NFL. Now he will get the opportunity to go into his sophomore season as the possible starter next to TJ watt. Highsmith played really well during his rookie season and ended the season with 48 combined tackles, 30 solo tackles, 18 assisted tackles, and 2 sacks. Now he will go into the offseason training with Tarance Williams who is the owner of Beast Behavior.

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