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Alejandro Villanueva visits old base and Pins ETS award on Chelsea Chapin.

(Photo by Chelsea Chapin)

Villanueva does a ton of offseason visits to the VA Hospitals in Pittsburgh, Army Bases and tends to visit his old base at Fort Drum (2-87 IN BN). In 2017 he came back to his old stomping grounds and competed in a “Pros vs Joes,” competition where a handful of soldiers on the base took on Alejandro Villanueva. This consisted of running, benching, putting weapons back together among a few other events. This was a great way to bond with the troops and show his appreciation for them.

Chelsea Chapin was an SPC at the time and was able to meet Villanueva that day. When the

“Pros vs Joes,” competition ended the troops all lined up to receive their awards. That day she was going to be awarded the ETS service award. This is an award that typically occurs when someone reaches the date of their Expiration of Term of Service (ETS) and are released from active duty, but still must complete their military reserve obligations. This also shows excellence in service to ETS.

Chelsea said normally the Commander and First Sergeant pinned awards on the troops, but that day Alejandro Villanueva stepped up to pin the ETS awards on each of the troops. Villanueva pinned Chelsea Chapin’s ETS award and signed her cover. She said he was very nice to everyone and it was fun to hear his stories from both military and football. That day she took a photo with Villanueva as well. She said he stayed around the base to meet every soldier, take pictures and sign anything the troops wanted. Alejandro Villanueva is a former West Point Graduate and an Army Ranger. He also hosts boot camps on different bases in the offseason as well. It was an honor to talk with Chelsea Chapin and hear about her day when she met Villanueva. We also want to take this time to Thank You for your Great Service to this Country. USA! USA! USA!

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