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Alejandro Villanueva takes a shot at JuJu Smith-Schuster during his Ravens Interview

Have you ever seen that commercial by Arbys that says 'Where's the beef?" Sounds like Villanueva has a little beef with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although he did say the Steelers were a very 'classy organization.' It still seemed like he was bitter the Steelers told him early on in the offseason they planned on going different ways with him. That is exactly why he decided to sign with the Ravens because he wanted to compete against the Steelers twice a year.

Alejandro Villanueva says it was an easy decision for him to sign with the Baltimore Ravens over the offseason because the Ravens are a very good team. He said it is better for a player like himself to be on a team that has a run-first offense like the Ravens rather than the Pittsburgh Steelers who love to pass. Things could change now that Pittsburgh has a premier running back in Najee Harris so Villanueva better be careful what he wishes for down the road.

During his interview with the Ravens today he seems to take a shot at JuJu Smith-Schuster. Villanueva said, "I’m assuming it’s not as much fun for the receivers because they’re not getting all of the catches, they’re making the Tik Toks and they’re having fun on their social media." So is he saying the Steelers wide receivers would rather make Tik Toks than catch footballs on the field? That was a bizarre statement...

Villanueva also seems to say that a more balanced offense is better for the offensive line. Could that have been a shot at both Randy Fichtner and Ben Roethlisberger? I mean Fichtner was god awful, but Ben Roethlisberger could only do so much without a running game in 2020 so it was not Ben's fault.

There shouldn't be any animosity between the Steelers and Villanueva because they told him up front they're moving on from him and I don't blame the organization because his play has been in a decline for many years now. Let the Baltimore Ravens overpay him and become their problem.


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