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Alejandro Villanueva set to visit the Ravens

(Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

This just in, Big Al' is set to travel to Baltimore to see if he can get a contract done with them. This is per Ian Rapoport. Alejandro Villanueva has been fairly inconsistent with his play over the last few years. He's definitely durable, however, his play has greatly declined as of late. Perhaps, that is why the Steelers haven't offered him a deal.

If he does get a deal done with the Ravens, I would be curious to see what the Ravens are able to get him for. His market value on Spotrac is still greatly over-valued in my opinion. They have him listed at a market value of 3-year $49 million. I think that is astronomical for him. Maybe a change of scenery is what he needs, but still, I don't think he's worth nearly that much money.

Realistically, I think a team will sign him for a 1-year deal under $10M. I think that would be a fair deal for him. I just don't see any team strapping themselves to him for more than a year without seeing how he fits on their team.

I'm pulling for him, he has an amazing story. I just don't think the Steelers should overpay him. I would rather take our chances in the draft. Like I said earlier in the article, it's going to be interesting to see how much the Ravens plan to offer him in a deal.

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