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Alejandro Villanueva says Ravens Kevin Zeitler will be an upgrade over David DeCastro

Whether Alejandro Villanueva was kidding or not yesterday during his Ravens Press Conference he said some interesting things toward some Steeler players. Villanueva and DeCastro are buddies so I am assuming he was kidding around when he said Kevin Zeitler was an upgrade over David DeCastro, but his shot at JuJu Smith-Schuster and saying the Ravens were an easy choice for him raised my eyebrows.

That is the thing I didn't like most about Villanueva during his time in Pittsburgh. He would say stupid things and then come back saying he was joking when they weren't said in a joking manner. He never stood by his comments he said especially if there were some sort of backlash toward those comments. One of the main reasons why DeCastro joined the Ravens in the offseason is because he wanted to play the Steelers twice a year after the organization told him they were going in a separate direction from him early on in 2021.

It seems Villanueva didn't like the idea of the Steelers parting ways with him. He sounded like an ex-girlfriend who became jealous because the Steelers found someone better. Yinz were heated with Villaneuva yesterday, but I quickly reminded everyone he decided to buy a flip phone in 2020 and get off of social media so good luck trying to vent directly to him. That is one way to do things by saying what you need to say and not be heard from ever again unless the Ravens make him do his media rounds. He is not a big fan of the media.

I believe in the end the Steelers made the right decision to move on from Villanueva and he shouldn't take it so personally. The Steelers are going to try and get younger on the offensive line and that is exactly what they need to start doing going forward. Especially if Adrian Klemm is going to be the coach because he wants to bring physical football back to their offensive line. It would be hard to do with older veterans on the Steelers line. So I am glad the Steelers thanked him for his service with the team and moved on from him.


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