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Alan Faneca Welcomes Kendrick Green to Pittsburgh

Friday Night the Pittsburgh Steelers made their last selection of the third round by bringing in an offensive lineman from Illinois. Kendrick Green says he is the most athletic lineman in the 2021 NFL draft. This was just the second time in the last four years that an Illinois Football player was selected in the NFL draft. Many Football Analysts feel Kendrick Green has the potential to become a starter in the NFL down the road, but inconsistencies in the pass protection game can cause some concerns with Green. on Kendrick Green's Scouting Report: “Green's lateral get-off makes him a natural fit for teams heavy into outside zone as a primary run scheme,” draft analyst Lance Zierlein said in his evaluation of Green. “He can get to play-side reach and back-side cuts and he specializes in washing his defender out of the play once he's engaged on the move. He plays a little too upright at times and lacks the length and drive power in his lower half to move one-on-one blocks around with adequate sustain. The run blocking will stand out to evaluators, but recognition inconsistencies in pass protection might cause some concerns. His center/guard flexibility is an advantage and teams could go either way with how they want to use him. Green has the potential to become a starter at the next level.”

Steelers Legend Alan Fanceca welcomed Kendrick Green in a big way over social media last night: “Glad you’re a Pittsburgh Steeler man. Glad to have you man,” Faneca said. “Get ready to feel the love of Steeler Nation.” Those are some special words coming from the Steeler's new Pro Football Hall of Famer Alan Faneca!


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