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Adrian Peterson says Najee Harris is 'built different'

(Photo by @kylenovakimages on Instagram)

The Bleacher Report Gridiron Twitter account recently posted about Ben Roethlisberger's statement that running backs coach Eddie Faulkner had to tell Najee Harris to leave after he stayed for hours following practice.

Veteran running back Adrian Peterson caught wind of the tweet and responded to Bleacher Report by saying that Harris is "built different."

Peterson and Harris have trained together during the offseason, so Peterson knows all about what Harris is capable of doing. Nevertheless, having the "built different" label from a future Hall of Fame running back is certainly noteworthy.

Harris is also represented by Beast Mode Marketing, a sports agency founded by former NFL running back and fellow Bay Area native Marshawn Lynch. So, Harris definitely has a good support team around him in Lynch and Peterson, both of whom were elite running backs when they were in their prime.

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