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Adrian Klemm says Kendrick Green is an 'Alpha Football Player'

The Steelers needed to go into the 2021 NFL draft and fix their offensive line. It looks like they did fix their line to an extent. I don't believe the Steelers are going to fix their entire offensive line issues in 2021, but they're headed in the right direction. Instead of drafting an offensive lineman early on the Steelers decided to draft skill players in the first two rounds before getting OG/C Kendrick Green in the third round of the 2021 NFL draft.

Green used to play as a defensive tackle and eventually converted into a versatile offensive lineman for Illinois. He can be used as a guard or center. The Steelers have asked Green to play as a center for their organization. He has strong feet, keeps his feet moving, and blocks with a nasty attitude according to Pro Football Network.

Adrian Klemm on Green: "We love the way that he plays in terms of what we've been talking about, in terms of changing our demeanor and the attitude that we want to carry onto the field, He embodies all of that."

Klemm wants to bring physicality back to the Steelers offensive line and he feels Green can bring nastiness to the Steelers line going into 2021. During Klemm's press conference with the Steelers he called Green an 'alpha' type of football player and he was intrigued by the demeanor Green brings to the football field.

You have that dog in you, that wolf in you. Klemm says he loves it when he finds a guy that he doesn't have to bring that type of mentality out of him. Klemm feels if he brings in enough guys with that dog mentality who play with a chip on their shoulder it will become contagious and eventually change the demeanor of the Steelers offensive line.


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