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Steelers OL Coach Adrian Klemm attends Center Quinn Meinerz Pro Day and puts him through drills

The Pittsburgh Steelers sent their new offensive line coach Adrian Clemm to Center Quinn Meinerz's Pro Day today. It looks like they have their eye on a possible new center. This won't be their only Pro Day they will attend. I guarantee they will be at Ohio State, Alabama, and Maryland's along with many other Pro Days due to the Combine being postponed this year. This was the first time we have heard the Steelers are actually scouting for a center in the NFL draft.

Meinerz came from a small school in Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater). His draft projection was unknown coming into Reece's Senior Bowl, but he was quickly noticed after showing a mean streak against his opponents. He thrives in a downhill gap/power rushing attack. Quinn is known as a menace and a bully on the offensive line.

Pro Football Network says Quinn's workout videos consisted of a GoPro, oversized propane tanks being thrown over his shoulder, a weight bench perched on the flat crest of a slight rock-infested hill, and climbing to the second level to uproot a small tree.

Meinerz is a blue-collar Wisconsinit. There is no-nonsense with this kid. He just loves to play football. Meinerz is listed as one of the favorites to land with the Pittsburgh Steelers according to Pro Football Network's 6 landing spots.

The Steeler's new Offensive Line Coach Adrian Klemm was seen doing the wave drill with Quinn today during his Pro Day.

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