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A Steeler Fans Early Reaction to Browns vs. Ravens

This game was pretty one-sided. Kevin Stefanski’s debut with the Browns was spoiled by Lamar Jackson and company. Jackson threw 3 touchdowns and threw for 275. He also rushed for 45 yards. Once again, that offense is very efficient with all their weapons. One of their rookies also showed up and that’s J.K. Dobbins who found the end-zone twice. (Fantasy owners rejoice!) Mark Andrews who is their starting TE caught two touchdowns and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown caught 5 balls for 101 yards. This team hasn’t changed that much, but expect the team to be more careful with Lamar Jackson and protecting him at all costs.

The Browns on the other hand were a different story. With an early interception, Baker’s day wasn’t going too well even from the start. Baker threw for 20 completions for 188 yards with 1 touchdown. The whole game the Browns spent time trying to get Odell Beckham going. That never really happened. He was targeted 9 times and he only had two receptions. Most of that was Baker’s fault, but still, he never really got it going. Personally, if this doesn’t improve, expect some turmoil down in Cleveland.

What does this mean for us? Not much yet. It is still very early. I still expect any North game to be competitive. However, the Browns made the Ravens appear unstoppable. While there really aren’t too many negatives to be taken away from the Ravens today. I think the Steelers defense has a chance to slow them down, however, our offense would need to put up some points to even have a chance. With Ben back, I see that as our best chance.

Stand by for more AFC North News!

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