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A letter sent by a young Steelers fan reminds Banner what is important and why he plays the game

(Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images)

Zach Banner's day was made today by a young Steelers fan named Jonah Snyder. Banner received a letter from Snyder after he gave the young fan a Terrible Towel.

Banner shared the letter on Twitter and it said the following: "Dear Mr. Banner, thank you for sending me the Terrible Towel for my birthday. Having your name on it means a lot to me. I am a gigantic Steelers fan! It will be special to me always. Thank you very much again."

Banner said the letter was heart-touching and reminded him why he plays the game. He also made the letter his new profile picture.

"Some things are bigger than football," Banner tweeted. "Jonah’s letter will be a reminder to myself of what is important and who we do this for ... I want to continue to get healthy so Jonah can wave that towel proudly for the rest of his life ... This made my day today!"

On April 12, Brian Batko of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interviewed Banner and since it was 4/12 day, which is the Pittsburgh area code, Batko asked Banner, how often do Steelers fans or just random people stop him on the street and try to talk to him, or ask for a picture, or an autograph.

"It’s a blessing, man. I always make sure I do," Banner replied. "It was a little hard during COVID, and I had to be smart about it, but I’m always the kind of guy moving forward and I’ve always been my entire life, if a kid wants a picture or wants something signed, you do it. It’s an honor, because the way that they idolize us Steelers and things like that, I was once a kid growing up. I had admiration of local SuperSonics, local Mariners, Ken Griffey Jr., all these type of guys growing up. I understand that opportunity. It’s very humbling. I feel honored to be in that position, and I love this city, man. The vibes and everything in this city circulate around the Steelers. Through good, through bad, there’s always love, and I appreciate that."

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