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A former Steelers running backs coach said that Najee Harris reminds him a lot of Le'Veon Bell

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) draft analyst Lance Zierlein and son of former Steelers offensive line coach, Larry Zierlein, was on the NFL Network recently and gave insight into the way the Steelers approach the draft.

Zierlein mentioned that the Steelers Way really starts with the Rooneys and that the stewards are Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin. In addition, that the Steelers Way is getting tough guys with great football character, and that they don't reach for a need and draft the best players available based on how they stack their board.

Zierlein believes that running backs Najee Harris, Travis Etennine and Javonte Williams all are three-down backs and would be a fit with the Steelers. He also thinks a running back in the first round is a realistic scenario for the Steelers. Zierlien would prefer to see the Steelers draft Etennine as he has the best breakaway speed of the three running backs and can create chunk plays.

Zierlein also noted something intriguing, as he heard from a former Steelers running backs coach that Harris reminds him a lot of Le'Veon Bell when he was coming out.

Harris is built similar to Bell and is a patient, physical runner, and is great at catching the ball out of the backfield. Former NFL scout Matt Williamson also mentioned how Harris has features that resemble Bell's.

“He’s a very good receiver and an excellent receiving prospect. I hate to use the Le’Veon Bell receiver comparison. But I think it’s similar," Williamson said. "At 230 pounds, he can line up wide against a linebacker and run slants and wide receiver routes and has a huge catching radius. If I’m going to use an early pick on a running back, he really has to contribute in the passing game.”

Brian Baldinger of the NFL Network did a breakdown on Harris yesterday and you can really see the similarities of Bell when it comes to his patience, physicality and receiving abilities.

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