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4 Not-so-Crazy Predictions for Texans vs. Steelers

With the Texans vs. Steelers game fast approaching, I thought it would be interesting to do some predictions for the game. Please keep in mind that these are just predictions and I'm mainly going with my gut feeling here and nothing much else other than that.

  1. TJ Watt has another multi-sack game. I personally believe TJ Watt will continue right where he left off after earning Week 2 AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors. I think he will get after the elusive Watson and successfully sack him twice.

  2. James Conner will continue to improve. James Conner had a decent day last Sunday however, most of his yardage came from his last play to put the game on ice. I think statistically he will earn over 100 yards rushing and over 45 yards receiving

  3. Minkah to get an interception against Deshaun Watson. He has thrown an interception against each of the two teams he's played in week 1/2. Given, these were some tough matchups against the Chiefs and Ravens but I think the Steelers defense will be his toughest matchup yet.

  4. David Johnson will be held to under 50 yards Rushing. I think the Steelers Defense will continue right where the left off after good weeks against the likes of Barkley and Gordan.

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