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3 Free Agents the Steelers could still sign

(Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Well, Free Agency is pretty much well under way. You might think that there isn't much out there, however, there are still some diamonds in the rough that I think the Steelers could still potentially bring in to make this team better in 2021. The goal is going to the Super Bowl. So, you need to bring in some guys that can help you get there.

Malcom Butler CB (1-year deal, $5M)

With the inevitable departure of Steven Nelson, I think Malcom Butler would be the move for the Steelers to make. He's a high level play with a price that the Steelers should be able to afford if they get rid of Nelson. Without Nelson, the Steelers are once again hurting at Cornerback and making this signing would immediately build up my confidence in the Steelers' secondary.

Duke Johnson Jr. RB (2-year deal, $6M)

I think Duke Johnson Jr. could fit well in a Matt Canada Offense simply because of how multidimensional he is. He can catch it and he can run it. I think the Steelers could make this move and I wouldn't hate it. Duke Johnson Jr. is a good back that the Steelers could use as a bridge guy before we find that future guy. *cough* Najee *cough*

Jadeveon Clowney Edge (1-year deal, $6M)

This would provide the Steelers plenty of depth at the outside linebacker position. However, this signing would potentially say that the Steelers don't have much confidence in Highsmith. I think that this would be a good signing if it happened. If it doesn't, no harm, no foul.

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