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3 free agents that the Steelers could bring in

(Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Free Agency is already well underway. Most of the guys that are well sought after are already on teams. So, there really isn't much left out there for the Steelers. However, I have compiled three guys in this article that could help take this team to the next level.

Richard Sherman- Eh, for the right price I think Richard could fit well on this team and provide depth at the cornerback position. He is 33 and it would have to be a very short deal but his experience could overall help this team. He was most recently on the 49ers where he had a decent couple of seasons. However, he isn't what he once was. I think a very cheap deal would still be worth it though given what we have lost in the secondary.

Duke Johnson Jr.- This one is less likely to happen now given the signing of Ballage. However, I would still pound the drum for this guy. He is undoubtedly one of the better third-down backs in football and that's definitely what the Steelers were missing last season. Still, don't think this would happen unless there is a surprise cut of someone. I think Duke has had some bad luck landing in some crappy situations and when he lands in the right one he could potentially pop off.

Jadeveon Clowney- Right now, the Steelers would need some depth in the outside linebacker room. However, making a signing like this would signify that he would be the starter over Highsmith and I personally don't think this is a move the Steelers should make. I think we can get that depth in the draft and go all-in on Highsmith. However, if it's a 1-year prove-it type deal with Clowney, the risk/reward is hard to ignore.

These moves likely won't happen. So, don't freak out if a name scares you. However, it's hard to ignore that any of these guys could potentially make this team better for the 2021 campaign.

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