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3 Destinations for Bud Dupree

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Bud Dupree is going to be a hot commodity this Free Agency. That much is certain. However, we still don't know exactly where he's going to go. So, I thought it would be fun (and sad) to talk about the potential places he will go and I'm going to assume here that he is not going to be back in Pittsburgh sadly.

Tennessee Titans- This would be a good fit for Bud on a team that's hurting right now for pass rush. The Jadeveon Clowney experience has seemed to fail. So, why not go and get a potential sure-fire guy to lead your defense. I think this could be a good fit for the pair. It's just up to Tennessee whether or not they could pay him his wanted salary.

Detroit Lions- The Lions just now got a new coach, I think that the signing of Bud Dupree would be a good culture move because he could potentially be a really good leader on that team. They also have a need at linebacker with a couple of Free Agents possibly not being retained. Still, going to Detroit could be a gamble. I still think with their new coach he would have a good chance to build a name for himself in Detroit.

Atlanta Falcons- This is Dupree's home state, so I think it's worthy of mentioning here. Bud Dupree could be a very good upgrade for the Falcons at the position after whiffing on a couple of Free Agents and drafted guys. I think Bud would fit in well with the new coach and could be a good building block piece for that defense.

Bud Dupree would fit in anywhere. I think any team would be lucky to have him. He's a great guy and I will personally miss him very much. If it were a time when we had more cap room it would've been a perfect fit. However, right now we do not have the money to retain him and he shouldn't take that personally. He deserves everything he can get. So good luck Bud. It's been real.

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